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Mozambique is a country with a consolidated democracy, the Mozambican people go to the polls to elect their president every five years, in October of 2009 were carried out the 5TH consecutive election in Mozambique, the turnout the polling stations was massive.
The Spanish mission of observers highlighted in Mozambique, says that he is satisfied with the electoral process.
Jordi Guillot Welcomes, president of the Committee for International Cooperation, told Efe that the impression he has "is a consolidation process of democracy in Mozambique".

For several years, Mozambique is a country with a great tourist flow and the government is constantly working toward improving this area.

All the activities described in the program, were studied and planned by the organization, so that the traveler can get closer to the wonders and culture of this country, so quiet and safe.


  • All travellers need a passport.
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months.

Visa requirement:

At the airport on arrival can obtain a visa, but with the disadvantage that will only make a single entry visa (only one entry to the country).
It is recommended to make multiple visa (multiple entries to the country) in their country of origin, in the Embassy of Mozambique, this way, if you want to travel to South Africa and Swaziland, in return need not be paid any input value to Mozambique.
Any questions, please contact us.


It is advisable to make a travel insurance for any accident event, sickness or trip cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.
The sun is very strong in Mozambique, we recommend solar protection.
In Maputo there are several private clinics, 222 Clinical, Clinical Blue Cross, Doctors without Borders, etc. were recently opened two private hospitals South Africans, with the latest technologies.
In addition there is also the Central Hospital of Maputo (public) with doctors highly trained to deal with any emergency.


It is recommended to prophylaxis against malaria. See your doctor for proper treatment. Remember that the best protection is to prevent with repellent to avoid being bitten by a mosquito bite, long pants and sleeves at dusk, can also help.
For other vaccines, contact the Department of Health Outside of your province.


In Mozambique it is recommended to drink bottled water; you can find it in all supermarkets.


The climate in Mozambique is influenced by monsoon of Indian Ocean and the warm current of the Mozambique Channel, is generally tropical and humid.
The rains fall between October and March. The highest temperatures occur during the rainy season, the temperatures during this period tend to reach a peak of 35 degrees and a minimum of 15ºC, the average temperature during the rainy season is of 26ºC.
The dry season lasts from April to September. During this period, temperatures are lower vary between 23ºC and 12ºC minimum.
The average temperature for this period is 18ºC.
The climate in Mozambique has an average of 2.750 hours of sunshine per year, with an average of 7,5 hours of sunlight per day.
Normally, the days are sunny in Mozambique.


The official currency is the Metical (MTN).
1 Euros equals 36 MTN. The exchange is variable.
In Maputo City there are many exchange houses and banks where you can replace your money. The banking hours are from 08:00. 15:00 Monday to Friday, the houses of currency exchange has the same times.
Credit Cards Visa, MasterCard, are accepted in most shops and you can use them to take money from electronic machines.
Some establishments do not accept American Express and Diners Club, it's a good idea to take some alternative cards.


For the traveler of Mozambique there is a variety of craft goods of good quality. We can find many items that will delight any traveler, at affordable prices.
Due to the lack of employment, many Mozambicans are the letter a means of life. The items most characteristic are sculptures in precious woods such as ebony, sandal-wood, rosewood, pau-iron, batiks, basketry, painting, ceramics, design, wire, jewelry in different types of materials such as horn, cow, wood, seeds, etc.
In Maputo, there is a permanent exhibition of crafts that you can visit any day of the week between the hours of 9h00 to 05:30 pm.
To buy arts and crafts at a good price, you must have patience to negotiate the value of the part that you want to buy. Being forced to negotiate with the artisan, we can say that it is usual and customary.
In Maputo City there are several shopping centers, supermarkets, shops of all kinds, bars, restaurants, etc.
Hours of shopping: Shops and markets are open almost all day of 08:00 am to 8:00 pm.


The City of Acacias known as Maputo offers many opportunities for fun and live closer to the Mozambicans. Nightclubs, bars and clubs are open until the wee hours of the morning. Places such as Gil Vicente offer concerts every Friday, the musicians from all over the country are replaced by location, a good chance to feel close to the charm of his music and his people.
Another night spot recommended is the nightclub "Coconuts", "Africa Bar", "Night club", "Disco of Matola" among others.


Gratuities are not included in Mozambique. If you liked the service and want to show your appreciation follows this pattern:
Waiters: 10% to 15% of the value of the account.


The gastronomy of Mozambique offers a wide variety of dishes that will have the pleasure to enjoy in your visit to the country.
The Mozambican cuisine is a rich blend of flavors, history and cultures of Africa, the Middle East and Europe.
Are tradition the seafood and fish of warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Known throughout the world for its size and quality.


The airport is 5 km from the city center. The Mozambique Airlines (LAM) are those who perform domestic flights in the country.
Today the roads to get to the main tourist sites, such as Inhambane, Vilanculos or Bilene are in good condition.


The electric current is 220 volts.


In the country there are three mobile phone companies: Movitel, Vodacom and Mcel connect abroad the Mcel is more economic.
Internet, you can find in most hotels and in the city of Maputo and in all provinces of the country, there are many cyber cafes.


We will send you a complete list adapted to your trip with the first quote.